October 2011 Quick Hits

Did You Know?

COOL KNOWLEDGE FROM THE WORLD OF MMA X MARKS THE SPOT X Games RallyCross Champion and Metal Mulisha founder Brian Deegan defeated X Games BMX Champion Dave Mirra in an MMA charity event at EllisMania 7. A judges’ draw after three rounds of action forced a winner-take-all fourth round, where Deegan eked out the decision [...]

5 Minutes With Melvin Guillard

You’re 28 years old and you’ve had 40 fights. How much longer can you go by “The Young Assassin?” Until I retire. You’re only as old as you feel. I mean, until I start feeling old, I don’t need to change my nickname. You started eating sushi after losing a bet to Josh Burkman on [...]

They Said That

VERBAL JAMBALAYA HUMAN WEAPON “On the airplane, my buddy says, ‘Do you want the aisle or window?’ I said, ‘Aisle, because if some guy tries something, I’ll mess him up.’ My buddy—who does Krav Maga—says, ‘But what if he has a weapon? I’m better for that.’ I said, ‘I AM a weapon.’” —Bas Rutten on [...]

Health Radar

WE’RE NOT DOCTORS, WE JUST PLAY ONE ON TV. 15 FEET PER SECOND The speed at which a GSP superman punch travels according to measurements taken on ESPN’s Sport Science. TOP FORM Runners who continue running when they are exhausted unknowingly change their running form, which could be related to an increased risk for injury. [...]

Pretty In Pink

Undefeated UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis brings awareness to the fight against breast cancer. Former WWF Champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart was famous for donning pink and black tights during his days of competition, a visual change of pace in the rough-and-tumble world of professional wrestling. A man with a different kind of wrestling background [...]

Did You Know?

COOL KNOWLEDGE FROM THE WORLD OF MMA WELL-ROUNDED TRAVEL Jay Hieron has fought in the UFC, WEC, IFL, Strikeforce, Bellator, and Affliction. Jeff Curran has fought in the UFC, WEC, IFL, Strikeforce, Bellator, and Pride. WRESTLING SAVVY Bellator Heavyweight Champion Cole Konrad and Bellator Welterweight Champion Ben Askren won NCAA Wrestling Championships in their junior [...]

MMA Planet

BRINGING COUNTRIES TOGETHER, ONE BEATING AT A TIME. MAX EXPOSURE Maximum Fighting Championship XXXI takes place Oct. 7 in Edmonton, Canada. The MFC Light Heavyweight strap will be on the line when Ryan Jimmo locks horns with Rameau Sokoudjou. In addition, UFC veteran Terry Martin takes on undefeated Dhiego Lima. The six-bout card will be [...]

All Hands on Deck

2011 has been a year of firsts for stunning newcomer Chrissy Blair. After winning this year’s TransWorld Motocross model search, she was a fresh face as the guest ring girl at UFC 133. Add in a first-time sailing experience for her inaugural appearance on the pages of FIGHT! , and we’ve got a bona fide [...]

Unlikely Allies

The Dragonslayer and The Dragon’s Den join forces to help fight the battle against brain trauma. Bodybuilding legend Rich Gaspari “The Dragon Slayer” believes in those who make a difference. As CEO and Founder of Gaspari Nutrition, he knew there was something remarkable about a mixed martial artist who made a promise to provide round-the-clock [...]

Crazy Like A Fox

The UFC’s recent television deal with FOX makes it the latest sports organization to be shown on broadcast television, but what does the deal mean for the UFC, the fighters, and the fans? UFC president Dana White courted FOX for nine months, and in August the work paid off as the UFC signed the largest [...]

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