October 2011 MMA Life

Rolling with Mr. Cooper

Taking Back Sunday bassist Shaun Cooper rolls with some of the UFC’s best in Long Island, N.Y. Maintaining a career in the music industry can be tough, but rolling with a rising UFC middleweight contender could be just a little bit tougher. Shaun Cooper has spent the past 12 years touring throughout the world as [...]

MMA For All

Don’t be afraid to jump in the gym part-time. Hobbyists can benefit from MMA training too. Don’t we all get the urge to hit someone? The guy who cuts you off in traffic. The smug barista who screws up your coffee order. The managing editor who tells you that your article sucks. The amount of [...]

The Hunted

Ton Jones is always on a mission. The hefty, tattooed juggernaut— along with his business partner Allen Haff— travels throughout the United States to film Auction Hunters. The reality television series, which airs Tuesday on Spike TV, documents the dynamic duo as they bid on abandoned storage units, scurry through their newfound treasures, and sell [...]

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