October 2011 Fighting Fit

Fall’s Fab 5

The temperature may be getting cooler, but you’re still sweating it out at the gym. Let these five fall favorites help you kick inflammation to the curb, while keeping your cardiovascular and immune systems in top fighting shape. 1) PUMPKIN Synonymous with the season, pumpkins aren’t just for carving at Halloween. This gourd-like squash is [...]

Puncher’s Chance

As long as you can punch accurately, you still have a chance to win. Some of the names on the accompanying charts may surprise you, but after the numbers were crunched, the fighters below reigned supreme in power and jab accuracy to the head. The numbers are for all UFC fighters from the beginning of [...]

Take Your Medicine

Get the ball rolling with this tough as nails medicine ball workout. There are advantages to training with medicine balls that other pieces of equipment don’t offer, including: • Medicine balls can be used in many different planes of motion. • Medicine balls allow athletes to train a number of joints at the same time. [...]

MMA 101

Outlaw Killer They don’t call Carlos Condit “The Natural Born Killer” for nothing. Condit’s in-your-face fighting style helped him win 27 fights and the WEC Welterweight Championship over the course of his 32-fight career. In addition, Condit is the only man to KO Dan Hardy, and while both Condit and Hardy threw the exact same [...]

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