October 2010 Names in the Game

Don’t Look Now

It’s been said with no small dose of historical certainty that champions in fighting and star players in other sports have the ability to slow things down. Geelong, Australia native George Sotiropoulos has proven this ability in the Octagon. He’s not the champion of the lightweight division (yet), but there’s something in his focus that [...]

Inside America’s Gyms

Having covered mixed martial arts full-time since2003, I’ve spent plenty of time in gyms, although that hasn’t helped my fight game much. I have visited the cavernous, 2,000-square-foot state of-the-art training centers, and I’ve been in the 200-square-foot non-air conditioned garages that technically can be called a “gym” because there happens to be a ring [...]

The MMA Blueprint

The quest for a shortcut in training has been a defining characteristic of my coaching philosophy. I want my fighters to get as good as possible, as quickly as possible. However, I know there are no real shortcuts.   According to Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers: The Story for Success, it takes 10 years or about [...]

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