October 2010 Fighting Fit

MMA Myth Busters

As MMA continues to grow in popularity, it seems that less-experienced trainers are creating programs to try and mimic the metabolic and cardiovascular demands of MMA. This has developed the “MMA is tough, my workouts are tough, so I am tough” mentality of training that supports concepts such as: throwing up is positive indication of [...]

Medical Sprawl

Two days after your last training session, you notice a small pimple-like lesion on your forearm. It’s just a small bump, you think. Two more days pass, and now you have more little bumps and your forearm is tender. You assume it’s just a rash, until six days later you find yourself in the emergency [...]

Undercover Junk Food

You ditched fast food and now you’re shopping in the health food section. But just how good are you really eating? There are many foods in the health food section that aren’t exactly healthy. An organic, wheat free donut is still a donut. Undercover junk foods are out there hiding behind healthy guises, including these [...]

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