October 2010

Five For Fighting

Every month, MMA seems to be full of exhilarating, relevant matchups. Here’s a look at five of October’s battles for gold..   1. KJ NOONS VS.NICK DIAZ 2   Strikeforce—San Jose: Oct. 9   This baby has “bad blood” written all over it. Diaz, on a current seven-fight winning streak, looks to exact revenge on [...]

Monumental Moments in MMA

In order to establish itself as the pinnacle of combat sports, the Ultimate Fighting Championship had to compete directly with a sport that already held rank as the most popular fighting art and was widely regarded as the best fighting style—boxing.   For Rorion Gracie, co founder of the UFC, there was but one purpose [...]

October Sunshine

What have you been up to lately?   I’m co-hosting a reality TV show with Joanna Krupa about female fighters. It’s called The Ultimate Women’s Challenge, airing on NBC on September 25. Basically, these girls go through a series of challenges, and at the end of the show, after all the challenges, they’ll be chosen [...]

The Strike Exchange

The MMA Market Fluctuates More Than the Dow Jones. Whose stock is on the rise? These are the four fighters we’re “buying” right now.   ANTHONY PETTIS   Everyone loves exciting fighters,but usually those spinning back kick guys are exposed in the cage. Not Pettis, who understands the “arts” in MMA and managed to choke [...]

5 Minutes With John Howard

If you got a doctorate, would you be “Dr. Doom?”   Maybe. Actually, to tell you the truth, probably not—Doomsday. Always Doomsday [laughs].   You’re fighting Thiago Alves in Montreal in December.   I think it’s the perfect fight for me because I’m a Muay Thai fighter. To fight another Muay Thai striker—it’s gonna be [...]

After The Fall

Luzhniki   A giant statue of Vladimir Lenin, the father of the Russian Revolution stands in the courtyard of the massive Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. The statue gazes out across the black Moscova River and onto the city it names. The stadium, which was originally dubbed the Central Lenin Stadium when it was built for [...]

Last Man Standing

“What happened?” asks Jake Shields, sitting on his stool between rounds one and two of the most important fight of his 11-year career. Seconds into round one of his Strikeforce Middleweight Championship defense in April, Shields met Dan Henderson’s destructive right hand, sending him to the mat—hard—live on CBS.   “You looked good at the [...]

Don’t Look Now

It’s been said with no small dose of historical certainty that champions in fighting and star players in other sports have the ability to slow things down. Geelong, Australia native George Sotiropoulos has proven this ability in the Octagon. He’s not the champion of the lightweight division (yet), but there’s something in his focus that [...]

Inside America’s Gyms

Having covered mixed martial arts full-time since2003, I’ve spent plenty of time in gyms, although that hasn’t helped my fight game much. I have visited the cavernous, 2,000-square-foot state of-the-art training centers, and I’ve been in the 200-square-foot non-air conditioned garages that technically can be called a “gym” because there happens to be a ring [...]

The MMA Blueprint

The quest for a shortcut in training has been a defining characteristic of my coaching philosophy. I want my fighters to get as good as possible, as quickly as possible. However, I know there are no real shortcuts.   According to Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers: The Story for Success, it takes 10 years or about [...]

Good Charlotte

Most bands use the Internet to spread the word about their music. Although Benji Madden is promoting Good Charlotte’s fifth studio album Cardiology on various social media platforms, the rock guitarist also uses it to interact with mixed martial artists such as Shane Carwin, Josh Koscheck, and Jason “Mayhem” Miller. In fact, those budding online [...]

Taming The Beast

Morgan is not a sports psychologist, he doesn’t coddle Lesnar, and he doesn’t speak for him in public. Morgan’s job is training Lesnar by improving his fitness, strengthening his toughness, finding weaknesses in the opposition, and giving the UFC Heavyweight Champion’s 300 pounds of fast-twitch muscle fiber a gameplan with which to maul his opponent. [...]

Hawaii Five-Oh

It wasn’t two minutes after Frankie Edgar’s shutout 50-45, 50-45, 50-45—or as I like to call it, The Hawaii Five-Oh—unanimous decision against BJ Penn, that my phone started buzzing with text messages from various friends and Twitter followers who know I’m close with the UFC Lightweight Champ.   “I’d like to see how he does [...]

MMA Myth Busters

As MMA continues to grow in popularity, it seems that less-experienced trainers are creating programs to try and mimic the metabolic and cardiovascular demands of MMA. This has developed the “MMA is tough, my workouts are tough, so I am tough” mentality of training that supports concepts such as: throwing up is positive indication of [...]

Medical Sprawl

Two days after your last training session, you notice a small pimple-like lesion on your forearm. It’s just a small bump, you think. Two more days pass, and now you have more little bumps and your forearm is tender. You assume it’s just a rash, until six days later you find yourself in the emergency [...]

Undercover Junk Food

You ditched fast food and now you’re shopping in the health food section. But just how good are you really eating? There are many foods in the health food section that aren’t exactly healthy. An organic, wheat free donut is still a donut. Undercover junk foods are out there hiding behind healthy guises, including these [...]

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