October 2009 Quick Hits

“Putting The White In Red, White and Blue”

Dana White isn’t used to walking through a crowd and not being the center of attention, much less going nearly unrecognized. But even with Kenny Florian flanking him, he is relatively anonymous at the 2009 Armed Forces Foundation Gala, despite being one of the night’s honored guests. Unless you were living in a cave and [...]

Full-Time Fighter

Nebraska’s Drew Dober (6-0) isn’t old enough to drink or engage in most of Las Vegas’ debauchery. It didn’t matter, though, because he was in Sin City for strikes, submissions and groundand- pound as the winner of FIGHT’s first “Full Time Fighter” experience—the chance to train with renowned striking trainer Shawn Tompkins and his team [...]

[Minowa] Man On The Moon

“Big in Japan” is an American fad phrase that connotes cult status in the East. Ikuhisa Minowa is big in Japan, and he doesn’t need a novelty T-shirt to prove it. “The Punk” is a Japanese professional wrestler who happens to be a 13-year veteran of mixed martial arts. But make no mistake — Minowa [...]

5 Minutes With Ryan Bader

You’re fighting Eric Schafer at UFC 104. How are you going to beat him? You know what, I think he’s one those underrated fighters that is very, very tough. He’s got good Jiu-Jitsu and has a lot of experience. I’m just going to go in there and do what I do every fight—impose my will [...]

Ask Hector

Ask the wrong question and Hector Lombard will judo throw you on your head. He’s been tossing people around since he was 10-years-old and his natural punching power has earned him 11 of 21 wins via (T)KO, so you don’t want to misstep in front of the no-nonsense fighter. Luckily FIGHT! readers know not to [...]

BOO Jitsu

Not many people aspire to fight a demonic spirit. Fedor, sure. But a ghost? Zak Bagans wants to submit one, preferably by armbar. After a close encounter with a paranormal spirit in his Detroit apartment, Bagans set out to capture an apparition on film in order to provide irrefutable evidence that ghosts exist. Along with [...]

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