October 2009 MMA Life

Mixedmartialarts.com The Story Behind MMA’s Most Unique Website

What do a former IT computer geek, a man who once taught at a traditional martial arts studio in Massachusetts, and a random 10-year-old chasing highflying, karate-chopping dreams in the mid-1980s have in common? Not much, aside from the fact that today they happen to make up the trio who own and operate Mixedmartialarts. com [...]

The Moral of The Story

I. The Mayhem Show Some people are just blessed with more energy than the rest of us, I think as I watch my friend Jason” Mayhem” Miller at his manic best whipping up the crowd of screaming fans on the set of his hit show Bully Beatdown, I’ve been here two days at the invitation [...]

FIGHT! Across America

As I look back and thank my lucky stars that I have survived my many trips across the country discovering up-and-coming organizations in MMA, I like to reflect on the one time — not at MMA camp — that I visited Louisville, Ky, to check out the Revolution Fight League (RFL). Not only was it [...]

MMA’s Tattoos

Back when I was a kid, (and that was a looooong time ago, trust me) tattoos used to mean something. It meant you were tough. It meant you probably have been jail at least once. It meant that you gave the big middle finger to society’s norms, and decided to march to the beat of [...]

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