October 2009 Fighting Fit

High Octane

Both beginner and well-trained combat athletes know that speed, agility and quick reaction times can make the difference between a well-crafted slip and a knockout. Consistent training is the first step toward solidifying neuro-motor responses that eventually become second nature during competition and training. Strategic use of caffeine is a safe and effective way to [...]

Drink Right

Hydration is probably the most overlooked aspect of an athlete’s nutritional game plan. Unfortunately, thirst is not an indicator of hydration status, so it’s easy to forget about the need to hydrate when you’re so focused on training. Planning for fluids during your workouts will ensure that you get the most out of your time [...]

How Well Do You Know Nutrition?

1) TRUE OR FALSE All of an athlete’s grains should be whole grain and high fiber. ✫ Answer: False Whole grains should definitely be a staple of anyone’s diet since they are full of nutrients and filling fiber. However, there are times when high-fiber foods aren’t in an athlete’s best interest. For example, elite competitors [...]

Train To Succeed Not To Fail

Fighters are tough dudes. That’s no surprise to anyone reading this magazine, but that toughness can sometimes come at the expense of better performance. You see, when a fighter hits the weights, he usually approaches the task with the same intensity he brings into the cage: every set is taking to mind-blowing failure. But I’m [...]

MMA 101

When I was a kid, my parents instilled in me the importance of helping others, which is what drew me to teaching. Martial arts is what I know and love best, and I honestly hope the information between the pages of Jackson’s MMA, The Stand Up Game will either help people defend themselves or win [...]

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