October 2009 Features

The Intercepting Fist

“Rags to riches” stories are a dime a dozen. It’s almost cliché to wax poetic about a determined soul who worked his way out of austere conditions to hit the big time. But your mother always taught you that hard work pays off and were he alive today, Bruce Lee would kick you in the [...]

Make It Reign

Toughness comes naturally to Muhammed “Mo” Lawal, or King Mo, as the fighting world has come to know him. It never occurred to him to be anything but tough, so when he shredded his ACL during a Sengoku fight against Ryo Nakamura, he didn’t consider it much of a feat to keep going and win [...]

Natasha Wicks

So Natasha, were you ever expecting to be a UFC girl? Oh no, absolutely not. It was definitely something that you would love to do and you see and you go, ‘oh, that would be fun!’. How did that happen, did you just show up for the Maxim thing and sign up? Yeah. Well they [...]

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