October 2008 MMA Life

Pump Up The Jam

For the past few years, Dana White has been a man on a mission, and the mission is to make mixed martial arts the most popular sporting event in the universe. The UFC President fi rmly believes putting two individuals in the Octagon and allowing them to use any martial art translates through all cultural [...]

Open Mouth Insert Foot : Part 6

Anything can happen in a fi ght. Once the match up has been confi rmed, the odds-makers set the lines, the so-called experts make their predictions, and everyone else weighs in – from informal water cooler talk to published articles and blogs. But the bout’s outcome is ultimately decided in the cage. Flesh and bone. [...]

10 Sickest Submissions of All Time

Due to evolving submission games and more televised fi ghts than ever before, fans are being treated to submission spectacles like it’s Christmas morning. While recent slick subs by Dustin Hazelett and Rosimar Palhares wowed crowds, the sneaky maneuvers have had a long, storied, and success-laden history in mixed martial arts. These ten submissions were [...]

New Blood

Josh Queen Name: Josh Queen Professional Record: 2 – 0 Class: Heavyweight Representing: The Lion’s Den Idaho Notable Wins: Jeremiah Constant and Josh Bennett One of the rarest of phenomena in mixed martial arts is a quality heavyweight prospect. However, one such fi ghter is starting to emerge from the Northwest fi ght scene. That [...]

Overrated Fighters

As MMA fans we love to discuss every nuance of our favorite fi ghts and fi ghters. One of the most heated discussion topics we see revisited time and again on the Junkie Forums are people discussing if a fi ghter is “overrated” or “underrated.” While these discussions can often turn in to unproductive (and [...]

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