October 2008 Features

Bisping Re-Mixed

Club DJs get used to hearing the same things over and over. They live on a steady diet of looped instrumentals and break beats, playing the same platters week after week. Michael Bisping is no different; the UFC middleweight made ends meet for nearly a decade spinning house and trance in clubs near his home [...]

The Baby Faced Assasin

Anaheim, California. The 6-foot-3-inch, 250-pound heavyweight known as the “Babyface Assassin” leaps up onto the ropes of the ring, snarling, drawing his thumb across his neck, and staring down 15,000 screaming fans with an executioner’s glare. His opponent, Pedro Rizzo, is still laid out, motionless, behind him. Big John McCarthy asks the Babyface Assassin whom [...]

Locked and Loaded

A year later, we check in with one of the fi rst beauties to grace both the pages of FIGHT! and the vaunted Octagon. Amber Nichole Miller gives us the low down on blast ing mortars in the Middle East, her bowling average, and the possibility of seeing her again in the UFC. So Amber, [...]

Beauty Honor & Struggle

Beautiful People As you move south of the equator, so too does the focus of male sexual attention. Unlike the American cultural obsession with large breasts, Brazilian women pride themselves on the tone and shapeliness of their behinds. The ideal of feminine beauty is also different: darker, athletic, and more authentically sexual. Where the US [...]

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