November 2012 Quick Hits

Did You Know?

HOLY SHNIKIES Ronda Rousey was an altar girl in grade school. CUBS WIN Cub Swanson has three TKOs in his last three UFC fights (George Roop, Ross Pearson, and Charles Oliveira) and two Knockout of the Night bonuses that total $115,000. THE BIG CHEESE Bellator Heavyweight Champion Cole Konrad retired from MMA to take a [...]

They Said That…

MATCH GAME “I don’t talk much about Bellator, but what they do is one of the dirtiest things you can do in the business. It’s dirty, it’s grimy, and it’s just despicable. Of course, I have the right to match, but once I cut a guy and let him go and somebody else tries to [...]

Health Radar

TIRE TOSS Don’t trash that spare tire just because the treads are worn. Put it to good use. Tossing a tire over your head (ala the Keg Toss in Strongman Competitions) is a great way to incorporate a lift that utilizes multiple muscle groups, including your hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, entire back, front deltoids, and [...]

5 Minutes with BJ Penn

What’s the best thing about living in Hawaii? The biggest draw would have to be the year-round 80-degree weather. It’s always a beautiful day here. What’s a typical day like for you right now? I wake up, do some cardio, eat, watch some TV on the couch, train, eat, train again, eat, then sleep. That’s [...]

New Gear

Roots of Fight Black House Sweatshirt You may not be able to fight like Anderson Silva, but you can dress like hima and the rest of team Black House with this relaxed fitting sweatshirt. We think Steven Segal would like one for Xmas. $54.99 – MRI NO2 RED Hemo Surge Get a nitric oxide [...]

Behind the Fight

Ariel Helwani’s rise to prominence in MMA journalism has mirrored the growth of the sport itself. From blogger to national television personality, Helwani has become one of the most trusted news sources in the ever-changing world of MMA. The man who was once described in these pages as “the Howard Cosell of MMA” shares with [...]

Work of Art

After almost six years under the Zuffa banner, former WEC sweetheart Brittney Palmer is just hitting her stride in the UFC. You’ve got a busy day today—photo shoot and then a charity event with Arianny Celeste right after. Do you and Arianny tag team events often? We’ve been doing it more so lately, it’s been [...]

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