November 2012 Fighting Fit

Mighty is the Mouse

Speed Kills…and UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrius Johnson is the proof Small size and low weight are largely accountable for the display of speed and agility seen in many flyweight fights, but the ability to maintain an unwavering pace isn’t solely attributed to genetics. No matter what his weight, a fighter must have a solid conditioning [...]

MMA 101

Get Explosive Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion Daniel Cormier is the most pedigreed international wrestler in the Zuffa stable. The former two-time Olympic Freestyle Team member brings an explosive style to the cage, as evident in his last fight against Josh Barnett in which Cormier took down the former Pancrase Champion at will. In this [...]

More in Store

Don’t get caught up in the food hype—there are plenty of unsung nutrient heroes that have more in store. There are many popular dietary choices that get all of the glory for being the top sources of key nutrients—oranges for germ-kicking vitamin C, potassium-dense bananas to relieve cramps, calcium-heavy milk for strong bones, and fiber-loaded [...]

Conditioning Myths: Busted

When you see a fighter gas it’s usually not because he’s out of shape. Sometimes there’s more going on than meets the eye. We’ve seen it before, and it’s an awful thing to watch. It’s the middle of a fight, everything’s going well, and before you know it, a fighter “gasses out.” Sometimes he’s saved [...]

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