November 2011 MMA Life

Big Brother is Watching

There are certain rights and privileges that come with being the big brother in a family, one of which is the ability to physically dominate your younger brethren. This right is one that Baltimore Ravens’ defensive end Arthur Jones still enjoys to this day “I would have to say me,” Arthur says when asked who [...]

High Flying Action

From BMX to MMA, X Games phenom TJ Lavin lives for the adrenalin. TJ Lavin is one of the best BMX riders to ever touch a pair of handlebars. The 34-year-old “King of Dirt” has won gold medals at the Summer X Games and is a CFB, DK Dirt Circuit, and Gravity Games Champion. He’s [...]

Kickin’ It

The Dropkick Murphys know how to amp up an MMA crowd. Al Barr was surprised. The vocalist, as well as the rest of the members of Celtic-tinged punk rock collective Dropkick Murphys, has steadily watched mixed martial arts since the 1990s and always kept a close eye on former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and The [...]

Snap Decisions

It’s unanimous. No job is more thankless than being an MMA referee or judge. They are constantly under the spotlight, rarely receive praise for a job well done, and the only time they’re mentioned in the media is when they screw up. Doesn’t that sound like a great gig? MMA is in dire need of [...]

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