November 2011

The Human Monkey Wrench

UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon is up in bonus money, down in formidability, and right at home as the underdog. Six weeks before his UFC 136 fight on Oct. 8, Joe Lauzon sprained the same ankle that he jacked up on the night his brother Dan got stabbed. He was unable to train for a week, [...]

Into Thin Air

The Ups and Downs of Altitude Training. The value of the physiological effects of living and training at high altitudes has been studied as far back as the mid-1960s, but only in the last few years has it become a popular topic in the realm of combat sports. Several top fighters have been seen on [...]

MMA Planet

BRINGING COUNTRIES TOGETHER, ONE BEATING AT A TIME. STRONG SHOWING KSW XVII heads to the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland, on Nov. 26. Headlining the event will be five-time World’s Strongest Man winner Mariusz Pudzianokski against James “The Colossus” Thompson. UFC vets Matt Horwich, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, and Maciej Jewtuszko round out the undercard. ADCC [...]

Spontaneous Combustion

Autumn in the Southeast is a beautiful time of year and a complimentary backdrop to this month’s lovely guest. With winter fast approaching, Brynne Ridgewell is sure to warm your heart and give us all something to be thankful for. What’s going on in Atlanta these days? Well, the weather is finally perfect. Fall in [...]

Health Radar

WE’RE NOT DOCTORS, WE JUST PLAY ONE ON TV. BOMBS AWAY! According to ESPN’s Sport Science Lab, UFC Heavyweight Cain Velasquez’s punch registers at 2230 lbs. of force, a harder punch than any boxer ever measured in the Sport Science Lab. Velasquez will try to utilize his power when he puts his UFC Heavyweight Title [...]

5 Minutes With Josh Barnett

Sounds like you’re driving a Formula 1 car? No, it’s a 2007 Mustang GT with only 12,000 miles on it. But it’s supercharged, 500 horsepower, got a full suspension underneath it. It’s lowered an inch-and-a-half. It’s very fast. Is that one of the whips in your garage? Actually, it’s in my mom’s garage. I bought [...]

They Said That

VERBAL JAMBALAYA DEMOLITION DEBT “FEG [Fighting and Entertainment Group] has a lot of outstanding liabilities, a lot of unpaid bills, so maybe mine is just going to be put underneath the stack of the other bills. They have a lot of debt.” —Alistair Overeem to on not being paid for winning the 2010 K-1 [...]

Nurse On Call

By looks alone, Phil Nurse isn’t the most intimidating chap in the world, with his calm demeanor and 5’7” frame giving off a more man-on-the-street than man-in-the-ring vibe. But for three decades, “Kru” has been a man of action, winning multiple championships in the world of Muay Thai and running a successful school in New [...]

November 2011 Rankings

HEAVYWEIGHT 206-265 RANK FIGHTER PTS HIGH 1 Cain Velasquez 7.662 7.662 2 Alistair Overeem 6.785 6.785 3 Josh Barnett 6.438 6.438 4 Junior dos Santos 6.332 6.332 5 Brock Lesnar 6.205 7.205 6 Fabricio Werdum 5.785 6.335 7 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 5.763 6.875 8 Frank Mir 5.586 5.919 9 Shane Carwin 5.332 6.291 10 Daniel [...]

New Blood

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. It garners more attention and new fans daily. The emergence of so many new athletes sometimes makes it hard for fans to notice some of the fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. takes you deep inside the sport [...]

Bellator’s Alexis Vila is Taking Flight

The Cuban defector from a hardscrabble background is ready to challenge all-comers. In 1997, North Carolina State assistant wrestling coach Carter Jordan was on a recruiting trip in Florida when he heard the news: Cuba’s two-time World Champion wrestler Alexis Vila had defected. Was he looking to wrestle in college? Would he be eligible? Jordan [...]

Bang Bang!

K-1, Strikeforce, Sengoku, and a third stint in the UFC—Duane “Bang” Ludwig has been around the block. MMA legend Don Frye and UFC welterweight Duane Ludwig are signing autographs at the Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas at the FIGHT! booth. Here’s the problem. Half the time, the muscled-up crowd is not exactly sure who [...]

into the Lion’s Den

Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix finalist Daniel Cormier is up to the challenge. When Daniel Cormier rang in 2011, all the Olympic wrestling standout wanted was to see his face on television. With an MMA record of 6-0, Cormier was a hot prospect, looking to make his presence felt and hopefully factor into the Strikeforce heavyweight [...]

Big Fight Breakdown

Cain Velasquez vs. Junior dos Santos UFC on FOX, Nov. 12 Cain Velasquez vs. Junior dos Santos for the UFC Heavyweight Championship isn’t just a fight, it’s a declaration. The promotion’s broadcast television debut on Nov. 12 comes fittingly on the UFC’s 18th birthday—the age of maturity in American culture—and its television partner FOX has [...]

Snack Attack

Power through the day with snacks that pack a punch. The term “superfood” gets thrown around more than you do on a bad day of grappling. If you lose sight of the importance of balanced nutrition, superfoods are nothing more than trendy marketing tools that will keep you throwing money at hyped-up foods. For instance, [...]

MMA 101

Countering the lead straight right. As the owner of T’s KO Fight Club/Gym in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and Grudge Training Center in Denver, Trevor Whitmann has established himself as one of the top striking coaches in MMA. Notable students of his include Rashad Evans, Shane Carwin, Nate Marquardt and many others. Here Trevor demonstrates one [...]

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Kettlebells can be used to improve a number of physical attributes, including strength, muscular endurance, balance, proprioception, and flexibility. Because of their rounded shape, kettlebells compel lifters to manipulate their center of gravity and utilize muscles at different angles. Kettlebells also can improve cardiovascular and strength training at the same time, which is an excellent [...]

Big Brother is Watching

There are certain rights and privileges that come with being the big brother in a family, one of which is the ability to physically dominate your younger brethren. This right is one that Baltimore Ravens’ defensive end Arthur Jones still enjoys to this day “I would have to say me,” Arthur says when asked who [...]

High Flying Action

From BMX to MMA, X Games phenom TJ Lavin lives for the adrenalin. TJ Lavin is one of the best BMX riders to ever touch a pair of handlebars. The 34-year-old “King of Dirt” has won gold medals at the Summer X Games and is a CFB, DK Dirt Circuit, and Gravity Games Champion. He’s [...]

Kickin’ It

The Dropkick Murphys know how to amp up an MMA crowd. Al Barr was surprised. The vocalist, as well as the rest of the members of Celtic-tinged punk rock collective Dropkick Murphys, has steadily watched mixed martial arts since the 1990s and always kept a close eye on former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and The [...]

Snap Decisions

It’s unanimous. No job is more thankless than being an MMA referee or judge. They are constantly under the spotlight, rarely receive praise for a job well done, and the only time they’re mentioned in the media is when they screw up. Doesn’t that sound like a great gig? MMA is in dire need of [...]

UFC Undisputed

Frankie Edgar When you see the words “UFC Undisputed,” I wouldn’t blame you if you immediately thought of the THQ video game of the same name. However, just this once, I want you to think of UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar. Think about Edgar’s two 2010 wins over BJ Penn. Then think about his January [...]

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