November 2010 MMA Life

Ace Up The Sleeve

There stood Rich Franklin, in his trademark pink and brown shorts, with a broken arm courtesy of a Chuck Liddell high kick only one minute into their UFC 115 fight. He knew it was broken the moment “The Iceman” connected, but “quit” was not in his vocabulary on this June evening. “Even though you are [...]

Senses Fail

A lot of bands tend to lock themselves inside the studio when they’re working on a new album and only leave to use the bathroom, grab a sandwich, or drink a beer. Buddy Nielsen, the vocalist of post-hardcore quintet Senses Fail, would exit Salad Days Studio in Baltimore, Maryland, while recording the group’s fourth album [...]

Getting Amped Up

You’ve heard of some fans being “armchair judges”—taking issue with a judge’s decision on any particular fight night and claiming to know more than the trained professionals themselves. And then there are some fans who become “keyboard warriors,” spewing forth massive diatribes and gutless insults from behind the protective shield of the Internet. But putting [...]

Fashion Forward

The mixed martial arts industry has been inspiring more than just mohawks and tattoos the past decade. This culture has actually been inspiring fashion designers for years. Actual fashion.  As soon as apparel companies introduced fighters and MMA fans to what was perceived as “fashion” in the late ‘90s, a new wave of splattered graphics [...]

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