November 2010 Fighting Fit

First Hand Advice

The most important weapons of an MMA fighter are his hands. Each hand includes tendons, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and most importantly, bones. The hand has 27 separate bones including carpals (wrist), metacarpals (palm), and phalanges (fingers). They can be used for blocking, grappling, wrestling, and as a striking tool. During these types of actions, [...]

Fighting The Flu

Missing training days with the flu or dealing with lingering coughs and congestion have no place in a fighter’s intense training schedule. When you start to feel weak, there are several key supplements to help whip your immune system back into fighting shape. Better yet, keep a supply of supplements at home throughout the fall [...]

Clean Your Plate

It’s no secret that athletes need a balanced diet for optimal training and performance. While many athletes, including fighters, focus on their protein intake and the benefits of purchasing organic meats to eliminate the ingestion of hormones and antibiotics given to non organically raised animals, it’s also important to be apprised of the dangers of [...]

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