November 2009 Fighting Fit

3 Progressions

Your body is an extremely malleable machine. It will get bigger, stronger and faster, but only if you force it to do so. Most people make great gains in their first month of training, but then everything comes to a screeching halt. What happens? In most cases, you’ve forgotten to put a progression plan in [...]

It’s (Almost) All In Your Head

“NINETY PERCENT OF THE GAME IS HALF MENTAL.” Yogi Berra may not be a mathematician and you definitely wouldn’t want him defending you against an IRS audit, but his infamous quote regarding the importance of the mental aspect of sport rings true for mixed martial arts, perhaps more than any other sport. Elite athletes outside [...]

Silent Killer

Losses don’t end careers. Injuries do. And in MMA, injuries are almost as common as stoplights are in New York City. So, what do all injuries have in common? Inflammation, better known to fighters as that sore, achy, swelling redness that seems to spread from body part to body part after every fight. If you’re [...]

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