November 2008 MMA Life

Couture Vs. Lesnar

On November 15, UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture is set to make an Ali-like return to face Brock Lesnar in the main event of UFC 91. UFC president Dana White has already promised this “will be the biggest fi ght in UFC history.” GRAPPLING FOR ANSWERS The 45-year-old Couture’s scheduled return will be his fi [...]

Executive Power

With the 2008 Presidential elections drawing nearer with each day that passes, we take a look back at a few of forefathers who once led this great nation. Pioneers who were rough-and-tumble and full of true grit; almost guaranteed to be die-hard fans of MMA (if not being full-blown fi ghters themselves), had the inception [...]

MMA In The Olympics

The recently concluded Olympic Games in Beijing sparked debate in the MMA world about the fact that Taekwondo, Boxing, Wrestling, and Judo – all elements of mixed martial arts – are found in the Olympics, while our beloved sport is not. It can be fun to dream, and MMA in the Olympics would be the [...]

The Future of Fighting

A prime Tyson vs. a prime Ali? Most would favor Ali, but you never know. Tyson could crack back in the day. A prime Sugar Ray Robinson vs. a prime Sugar Ray Leonard at welterweight? I got Robinson, via late-round TKO. For hardcore boxing fans, those mythical match-ups are a source of endless debate for [...]

Bloody Noses Broken Hearts

It’s a beautiful spring afternoon. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. It’s a perfect day to be with your loved one, frolicking through a meadow, picking wildfl owers, and eating baguettes on a plaid blanket. Instead, you’re the third of your fi ve fi ve-minute sparring rounds. This, of course, is after your [...]

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