November 2008 Features

Xtreme Couture Toronto

Most envision the great champions of combat sports emerging from the worst of conditions. Hellish ghettos in forgotten neighborhoods where the code of survival is kill or be killed; decrepit gyms where rusty equipment and peeling paint reek of poverty and desperation. Places where one must search deep within just to fi nd the spirit [...]

Jake Shields

For the past 10 years, Jake Shields has earned respect among the hardcore MMA community by dominating opponents at smaller fi ght promotions around the globe. Recently, thanks to Elite XC’s television deal through CBS, he’s used his mainstream exposure to capture the hearts of casual fans. But still, to this day, he doesn’t get [...]

Little Big Man

“You a wrestler?” A bizarre question even under normal circumstances. Miguel Torres takes it in stride. He hears it every time he takes his large WEC championship belt through airport security. “You a wrestler?” Torres often jokes that he is, even though he’d make a pitiful looking luchador, all fi ve-feet-nine-inches of him, 150 pounds, [...]

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