May 2013 MMA Life

Movie Revenge – A Dish Best Served Hot in the 1980s

//Illustrations By Tadd Trueb Fighting. Never Back Down. Supreme Champion. If you can sit through these recent “MMA movies” without scissor-kicking yourself in the face, you have the patience of Job, the attention span of a goldfish, or narcolepsy. They just don’t make fighting films like they used to during the Golden Age of movies. [...]

Prince Fielder – Heavy is the Crown

All-Star first basemen Prince Fielder hits hard on the diamond and in the cage. At first glance, 5’-11”, 275-pound Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder looks like he could go toe-to-toe with any UFC heavyweight. Watching him leap into the air to deliver a perfect flying knee while MMA legend Bas Rutten holds the pads [...]

Country State of Mind – Darius Rucker Fans the MMA Flames

Country star Darius Rucker may not train MMA, but he absolutely loves the fight business. Rucker caught every glimpse of the UFC he could during its dark ages in the mid-1990s, but he became truly addicted when The Ultimate Fighter premiered on SpikeTV in 2005. The new reality show led to his discovery of his [...]

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