May 2013 Fighting Fit

Fitness – The Bulldog Circuit with Brian Bowles

By Clay Walker, PhD HardCore Gym fighter Brian Bowles attacks the Bulldog Circuit in anticipation of his return to the Octagon on May 25 at UFC 160. MMA fighters tax their entire energy system—both aerobic and anaerobic—while competing and training. In order to reach their peak performance on fight day, fighters need to train both [...]

MMA 101 – Get Kicking With Alan Belcher

Having trained under world champions Manu Ntoh and Duke Roufus, it’s no surprise UFC middleweight Alan Belcher has some powerful kickboxing skills, which he has put to good use in 18 professional wins. In this month’s MMA 101, Alan makes his opponent (Helio Soneca) pay for his striking attempts with a series of rear leg-kick [...]

Krazy For Kale

Fueling your body is the key to unleashing your maximum performance and recovery. Over the past few years, kale has become the edible darling of nutritionists, fitness professionals, and certified health nuts. With its versatility and off-the-charts nutrient profile, kale deserves all the “Hail to the Kale” recognition. Kale is a member of the Brassica [...]

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