May 2012 Quick Hits

Health Radar

WE’RE NOT DOCTORS, WE JUST PLAY ONE ON TV. HIT THE JUICE UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is a juicer…vegetable juicer, that is. Juicing provides vital nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help repair muscles and strengthen your immune system. Flip to page 84 for more info on letting the juice loose. SNACK ATTACK [...]

Did You Know?

COOL KNOWLEDGE FROM THE WORLD OF MMA DON’T BLINK The big boys on the UFC 146 all-heavyweight main card have 166 career victories, with 119 (72%) wins coming in the first round. EBER-SOLID In his 65-fight career, UFC welterweight Brian Ebersole has never been knocked out. NO BULL SHIT Before making his post-collegiate leap into [...]

5 Minutes With Clay Guida

The last time we saw you in the Octagon you were sporting a new Big Lebowski tattoo. Any new Dude-inspired artwork? No new tattoos, but I did meet the real Dude. His name is Jeff Dowd, and we met at the Palm Springs Film Festival last year. Hysterical. We sat and chatted just long enough [...]

They Said That

VERBAL JAMBALAYA WONKA-VISION “Cutting weight is no fun. I recently read somewhere that he [Rich Franklin] has a sweet tooth, and I also have one. I think his is for donuts or something, and mine is for chocolate. When we step in the cage, and it’s all said and done, maybe the winner can spring [...]

New Gear

YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE TAG ON HAPPINESS 1. Beyond the Cage “The Real Captain America” This limited-edition action series features Randy Couture shedding his Captain America mask before his final fight. The 32” x 42” framed print is hand-signed by Couture, and it’s only available to the first 65 buyers. It’s the perfect wall [...]

To The Edge And Back

For UFC heavyweight Shane del Rosario, returning to the cage is more than the progression of his career—it’s the result of soul searching and his refusal to have a lifetime of hard work taken away from him. On April 14, 2011, it was uncertain whether or not Shane del Rosario’s fighting livelihood had been brought [...]

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