May 2012 MMA Life

Heavy Handed Heavies

The all-heavyweight main card at UFC 146 in Las Vegas on May 26 is the perfect storm for taking a look at some of the best strikers in the division. The heavyweight class is a great place to hone in on striking stats. On average, heavyweights spend 60 percent of the fight on their feet, [...]

The Endless Pursuit Of Awesome

Professional skateboarder Jason Ellis has a new calling. Jason Ellis is washed up. Or so he claims. In fact, the 40-year-old says that he’s been washed up for the past two decades, but that’s difficult to believe when you see him in action. Ellis—a retired professional skateboarder who currently hosts The Jason Ellis Show on [...]

Byrd Is The Word

Chicago Cubs outfielder Marlon Byrd is kicking his training up a notch. The whap and slap of roundhouse kicks and focus-mitt sparring can be heard constantly outside the front doors of Power MMA Fitness in Gilbert, Arizona. These are hardly the sounds familiar to baseball fans visiting the Valley of the Sun during spring training. [...]

Game Changers

9 Moves That Altered MMA Forever MMA evolves in leaps and bounds, tethered to the backs of the martial artists who turn countless hours in the gym into violent masterpieces in the cage. Here are nine moments that forever changed the MMA world. These fighters are not the first guys to invent the particular moves. [...]

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