May 2012 Fighting Fit

Getting Juiced Up!

Sick of Salads? Get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals by putting the squeeze on your fruits and veggies. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed daily as part of a healthy diet, but most of us are probably guilty of skimping on the job. When you fall short of your daily dose, you’re missing [...]

Outside The Box

Get a leg up on your competition by incorporating a box workout into your training regimen. Many athletes worry that leg exercises can cause back and knee injuries and result in tremendous muscle soreness after training. Before these worries have you skipping out on leg day, keep in mind that the legs are an opportune [...]

MMA 101

Killer Combos Blackzilian striking coach Henri Hooft demonstrates two of his favorite combos for putting opponents on the canvas. These two combos utilize punches with a kick/knee finish. Perform the combos smoothly—light on the feet, balanced, poised to strike, and without unnecessary footwork. COMBO 1 1) I begin in an orthodox fighting stance. 2) I [...]

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