May 2011 Quick Hits

Aloha! Taylor Makakoa

Hawaiian beauty Taylor Makakoa is an island export that Sin City is happy to have. Where are you calling home these days? I live in Vegas, but Hawaii is my real home. Most of my family is there, and if you ever go there, you’ll know what I mean—the land, the beach, the mountains, the [...]

They Said That

CONCEDING DEFEAT “I would say that the sport is now officially the UFC, which has been their plan and strategy all along. Good for them for achieving it.” – Strikeforce commentator Frank Shamrock to’s The Savage Dog Show. ONE MAGIC LOOGIE “I was out of order. As a father, as a mixed martial artist, [...]

Reality Check

It’s time fighters parlayed their MMA fame into a $ide career in front of the camera. In addition to The Ultimate Fighter, mixed martial artists have already stepped into the foray of reality television. Chuck Liddell shook his ass on Dancing With the Stars, Tito Ortiz was canned on Celebrity Apprentice, and Ricco Rodriguez got [...]

5 Minutes with Frank Mir

You’re someone who intellectualizes martial arts. What does that do for your game? I think it helps explain it. It makes it easier to improve. When things are explained, it allows me to train for the different variables You are known as a jiu-jitsu guy, however, you began wrestling in high school. Who was your [...]

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