May 2011 Fighting Fit

Dead-On Power

Deadlift your way to knockout strength Your full-body explosive strength is fueled by a group of muscles that run down the back of your body from your neck to your ankles, collectively known as the posterior chain. When your hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and spinal erector muscles are powerful, so is your entire body. However, [...]

A Mighty Winded

What do you really know about gassing out? Anyone who has watched combat sports for any length of time has undoubtedly witnessed a fighter gas out in the middle of a fight. Sometimes, the fighter is saved by the bell or able to defend himself just enough to continue. However, many times, gassing out leaves [...]

Freek This!

Freekeh is the newest-oldest superfood. For the past year or two, quinoa has been considered the king of the grains (although it’s actually a seed) as a higher protein alternative to brown rice, couscous, and sweet potatoes. However, it may be at risk of being dethroned. Freekeh, a grain found in some health food stores [...]

Reach Out and Touch Someone

The scientific realities of reach. In addition to weight and height, reach is one of the most basic anthropometric characteristics of fighters, deserving placement on any Tale of the Tape. It’s also one of the few aspects a fighter can’t change. Unlike speed, technique, endurance, and even muscle mass, no one improves their reach except [...]

Aqua Importance

Not all water is created equal Even though vitamin and mineral-based sports drinks are important during longer bouts of training and competition for fuel and electrolytes, hydrating on a regular basis with pure, clean water is an integral part of any fighter’s gameplan. Decreases in athletic performance can be seen with as little as a [...]

Training Management

Small strategies can lead to big results. Almost every fighter would like to have less body fat, more muscle, fewer injuries, and extra time to train. However, the roadblock that most athletes run into is how they are managing the processes to gain these results. Training management can lead to the achievement of athletic goals. [...]

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