May 2011

Editor’s Letter

Despite wielding the title of “last Heavyweight Champion” of the now defunct IFL, Roy Nelson’s confidence that he would easily win the 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter may have been off-putting to some. Coming off consecutive losses to Andrei Arlovski and Jeff Monson, it wasn’t unreasonable to doubt the rotund heavyweight’s ability to make [...]

Aloha! Taylor Makakoa

Hawaiian beauty Taylor Makakoa is an island export that Sin City is happy to have. Where are you calling home these days? I live in Vegas, but Hawaii is my real home. Most of my family is there, and if you ever go there, you’ll know what I mean—the land, the beach, the mountains, the [...]

They Said That

CONCEDING DEFEAT “I would say that the sport is now officially the UFC, which has been their plan and strategy all along. Good for them for achieving it.” – Strikeforce commentator Frank Shamrock to’s The Savage Dog Show. ONE MAGIC LOOGIE “I was out of order. As a father, as a mixed martial artist, [...]

Reality Check

It’s time fighters parlayed their MMA fame into a $ide career in front of the camera. In addition to The Ultimate Fighter, mixed martial artists have already stepped into the foray of reality television. Chuck Liddell shook his ass on Dancing With the Stars, Tito Ortiz was canned on Celebrity Apprentice, and Ricco Rodriguez got [...]

5 Minutes with Frank Mir

You’re someone who intellectualizes martial arts. What does that do for your game? I think it helps explain it. It makes it easier to improve. When things are explained, it allows me to train for the different variables You are known as a jiu-jitsu guy, however, you began wrestling in high school. Who was your [...]

Roy Nelson: Go Your Own Way

For UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson, that’s the only way. I haven’t jumped rope in three years,” says a surprisingly agile, yet clearly struggling Roy Nelson as he fumbles with a jump rope that is a solid 12 inches shorter than it should be, handicapping the 6’1”, 265-pound man. It’s 10 a.m. at the TapouT training [...]

New Blood

EDSON BARBOZA, JR. RECORD: 8-0 KEY VICTORIES: Anthony Njokuani, Mike Lullo, Marcelo Guidici WEIGHT CLASS: 155 lbs. AGE: 25 COUNTRY: Brazil NICKNAME: Junior An MMA fight doesn’t often end as a direct result of leg kicks to the body. However, that’s exactly what happened when Edson Barboza, Jr. was granted his big chance at UFC [...]

The Banty Boys

They may not be big enough to ride the rollercoaster at Disneyland, but the bantamweights in the UFC don’t come up short in the Octagon. The banty boys are 135 pounds of miniature mayhem in the cage, living up to their spirited and aggressive namesake—the bantam rooster, which, despite it’s mini stature, struts around the [...]

Don’t Call It a Comeback

When the belt is on the line, the best fighters refuse to lose. At the end of the day, nothing says “Champion” like a gutsy comeback from the brink of disaster. In dire moments, battered and reeling, it’s an inimitable stamp of greatness for a fighter to be able to rebound from the cusp of [...]

Dead-On Power

Deadlift your way to knockout strength Your full-body explosive strength is fueled by a group of muscles that run down the back of your body from your neck to your ankles, collectively known as the posterior chain. When your hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and spinal erector muscles are powerful, so is your entire body. However, [...]

A Mighty Winded

What do you really know about gassing out? Anyone who has watched combat sports for any length of time has undoubtedly witnessed a fighter gas out in the middle of a fight. Sometimes, the fighter is saved by the bell or able to defend himself just enough to continue. However, many times, gassing out leaves [...]

Freek This!

Freekeh is the newest-oldest superfood. For the past year or two, quinoa has been considered the king of the grains (although it’s actually a seed) as a higher protein alternative to brown rice, couscous, and sweet potatoes. However, it may be at risk of being dethroned. Freekeh, a grain found in some health food stores [...]

Reach Out and Touch Someone

The scientific realities of reach. In addition to weight and height, reach is one of the most basic anthropometric characteristics of fighters, deserving placement on any Tale of the Tape. It’s also one of the few aspects a fighter can’t change. Unlike speed, technique, endurance, and even muscle mass, no one improves their reach except [...]

Aqua Importance

Not all water is created equal Even though vitamin and mineral-based sports drinks are important during longer bouts of training and competition for fuel and electrolytes, hydrating on a regular basis with pure, clean water is an integral part of any fighter’s gameplan. Decreases in athletic performance can be seen with as little as a [...]

Training Management

Small strategies can lead to big results. Almost every fighter would like to have less body fat, more muscle, fewer injuries, and extra time to train. However, the roadblock that most athletes run into is how they are managing the processes to gain these results. Training management can lead to the achievement of athletic goals. [...]

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