May 2010 MMA Life

Body Building

When it comes to the unique relationship between one particular custom car company and MMA’s top fight organization, it’s a marketing equation of cars and combat, and the common denominator is muscle.   These days, if the UFC wants a custom car designed for one of their Ultimate Fighter coaches, they call Findlay Customs. If [...]

Opposites Attract

Jus Allah and Game are both lyrical cats who came from rough inner city neighborhoods and went on to achieve success in the music industry. Although they share a common background that most artists in the hip-hop culture can identify with, there are a few distinct differences between the two MCs. For instance, one is [...]

THQ’s UFC Undisputed Defends Its Title In 2010

It’s a sunny Southern California day in Agoura Hills, but forget about fun in the sun. The real fun is inside THQ’s office, huddled around a flat screen TV to see if UFC Undisputed 2010 can live up to the name it built in 2009.   Being undisputed is all about how you defend your [...]

Big Screen Badass: Danny Trejo with a Vengeance

The Mexican-American actor from Los Angeles, California, is known for his tough guy roles in more than 180 films, but off screen Trejo may be tougher than the characters he plays.   “At about 15 years old, I got hit in the mouth with a [car] jack and didn’t break any teeth or get knocked [...]

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