May 2010 Features

Legends of The Brawl

If one thing holds true when it comes to the history surrounding different subcultures,such as politics, art, music, and mixed martial arts, it’s that each niche has its under-appreciated legends—men who played pivotal roles in the formation of their respective crafts, but men who also fell victim to changing times and newer memories formed.   [...]

The Sweet Science

The history of boxing is a history of man. From the beginning of time, men have used their fists to settle scores. Ironically, Mother Nature never intended our hands to be used as offensive weapons. If they were, the bones in the hand and wrist would be tougher and the tendons would be more flexible [...]

The Prodigal Sonnen

Chael Sonnen has returned to the top of the contender list for the UFC’s middleweight division. Is he the man to put an end to Anderson Silva’s reign? There’s no doubt in his mind.   Fall in West Linn, Oregon. Patrick Sonnen is dying of liver cancer. His son, Chael, sits bedside making promises. Among [...]

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