May 2010

Putting Penn To Paper

For MMA legend BJ Penn, the fire still burns since first competing professionally in 2001. In his new book Why I Fight (Harper Collins), co-authored with David Weintraub, Penn tells the inside story of how a kid from Hilo conquered the UFC and beyond. From getting in trouble in high school to the events that [...]

Three’s A Charm

You’ve probably heard the old adage: “Bad things happen in threes.” However, as far as MMA is concerned, a trilogy is a thing of beauty. Ultimately, the goal is to decide the better fighter. When the series is tied at one victory a piece, the winner of the rubber match can rest assured that he [...]

World Domination

“UFC will be the biggest sport in the world by 2020.” So claimed UFC head honcho Dana White in a column he wrote for the Las Vegas Sun at the end of 2009. If world domination is White’s ultimate goal, the UFC will have to continue conquering the globe one city at a time. Here [...]

Sun Devil Shining

Born in Colorado, Aaron “A-Train” Simpson spent his youth in Nebraska with parents, who were both teachers, before relocating to Arizona at 12 years of age. Their emphasis on education molded him into a star student, but his blue-collar blood—both of his granddads were coal miners—kept his wheels greased during the grind of wrestling season. [...]

5 Minutes With Paul Daley

Two UFC fights. Two knockouts. Are you enjoying the hype?   I’m trying to avoid it really. I’m trying to stay grounded, stay chilled, and ignore all the hype going on all around me.   How did you get started in MMA?   I came across a UFC 1 DVD. I keep saying that shit. [...]

The Return of El Matador

This might go without saying, but Bellator Fighting Championships got the right guy for its lightweight tournament in Roger Huerta. El Matador is made for television, whether it’s Telemundo, ESPN Deportes, or otherwise. He’s an open book and his soundbites are genuinely intense. He is good looking, his back-story is tragic, and he feeds pop [...]

Desert Heat

The Nevada desert isn’t the kind of place you’d want to get lost. It’s hot, dry, and dusty, and if you’re not careful, you could end up a permanent resident. Of course, it’s not so bad if you run into someone like Elly Brown. The Las Vegas native was such a sight for sore eyes [...]

The Sweet Science

The history of boxing is a history of man. From the beginning of time, men have used their fists to settle scores. Ironically, Mother Nature never intended our hands to be used as offensive weapons. If they were, the bones in the hand and wrist would be tougher and the tendons would be more flexible [...]

The Prodigal Sonnen

Chael Sonnen has returned to the top of the contender list for the UFC’s middleweight division. Is he the man to put an end to Anderson Silva’s reign? There’s no doubt in his mind.   Fall in West Linn, Oregon. Patrick Sonnen is dying of liver cancer. His son, Chael, sits bedside making promises. Among [...]

Legends of The Brawl

If one thing holds true when it comes to the history surrounding different subcultures,such as politics, art, music, and mixed martial arts, it’s that each niche has its under-appreciated legends—men who played pivotal roles in the formation of their respective crafts, but men who also fell victim to changing times and newer memories formed.   [...]

Monumental Moments In MMA

The idea behind the Ultimate Ultimate 1995—also referred to as UFC 7.5—was that an annual, one-night, eight-man tournament between the top fighters of the UFC would be a marquee event that would bolster the credibility and popularity of the now Gracie-less organization. But the first—of only an eventual two events—held Dec. 16,1995, in Denver, Colo., [...]

Punch Lucky

The “lucky” punch always lands against the overwhelming favorite. It usually materializes out of nowhere, and our hero almost never sees it coming. The idea of a lucky anything (punch, kick, knee, etc.) resides in the eyes of the fan. Surprising and unexpected? Yes. Lucky? No.   Everyone Gets Caught   Any lucky punch, kick, [...]

In It To Win It

Do you want to know what it takes to win? Grueling physical conditioning. Sparring to exhaustion. Mental preparation. Whittling yourself down to a chiseled physique for weigh-ins. Formulating and executing a flawless game plan. Nipple twisting. It’s all good.   We asked some of the top names in mixed martial arts—from Randy Couture to Dana [...]

New Blood

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. It garners more attention and new fans daily. The emergence of so many new athletes sometimes makes it hard for fans to notice some of the fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. takes you deep inside the sport [...]

Body Building

When it comes to the unique relationship between one particular custom car company and MMA’s top fight organization, it’s a marketing equation of cars and combat, and the common denominator is muscle.   These days, if the UFC wants a custom car designed for one of their Ultimate Fighter coaches, they call Findlay Customs. If [...]

Opposites Attract

Jus Allah and Game are both lyrical cats who came from rough inner city neighborhoods and went on to achieve success in the music industry. Although they share a common background that most artists in the hip-hop culture can identify with, there are a few distinct differences between the two MCs. For instance, one is [...]

THQ’s UFC Undisputed Defends Its Title In 2010

It’s a sunny Southern California day in Agoura Hills, but forget about fun in the sun. The real fun is inside THQ’s office, huddled around a flat screen TV to see if UFC Undisputed 2010 can live up to the name it built in 2009.   Being undisputed is all about how you defend your [...]

Big Screen Badass: Danny Trejo with a Vengeance

The Mexican-American actor from Los Angeles, California, is known for his tough guy roles in more than 180 films, but off screen Trejo may be tougher than the characters he plays.   “At about 15 years old, I got hit in the mouth with a [car] jack and didn’t break any teeth or get knocked [...]

“I Think, Therefore I’m Thinking”

I’m in one of those weird moods again today. As I sit and attempt to pen this column, my brain is everywhere. Forget an ADD moment, I got it bad, more like an LMNOP moment.   So, I sit trying to corral my inner bedlam. Sometimes a writer just needs to let it pour out. [...]

Dare 2 Dairy?

When it comes to controversial nutrition topics, dairy is on the top of the list. There’s a lot of information out there about the pros and cons of consuming dairy as part of a healthy diet, and it can be daunting to sort through fact from fiction. Some athletes love having low-fat or nonfat dairy [...]

The Right Cut

If you ask five athletes what their thoughts are about eating red meat during training, you’ll probably hear five different opinions. If you’re a meat lover, you’ll be happy to know that with a few simple guidelines you can incorporate meat into your diet in a sensible way that won’t detract from long-term health and [...]

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