May 2009 MMA Life

Brotherly Love

Whether it’s a scrap over a video game, the last piece of meatloaf, or the new girl in the neighborhood, there is no set of brothers on Earth who haven’t had a tussle and got their clothes a bit dirty at some point. Thankfully, most of these disagreements end with a truce — the major [...]

Matt Serra

We all know the story. On April 7, 2007, at UFC 69, Matt Serra shocked the world. After his hard-fought win on Season Four of The Ultimate Fighter, he faced then Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. Serra found himself labeled the underdog—the “Cinderella Man,” as he puts it. “I think it’s great. I love that [...]

Ultimate Undisputed

While most were busy doubling down inside the Mandalay Bay Casino or enjoying legal open containers in the TapouT infested streets, one peculiar vehicle rolled into the Mandalay Bay parking lot in Las Vegas. American video game developer and publisher THQ populated the high-end tech truck with their best and brightest. While they were there [...]

The History of Sherdog

Sherdog was born at Boeing. Yes, Boeing the aircraft manufacturer. This was in 1997, when Jeff Sherwood was 29, living in Huntington Beach and tearing it up on the Southern California beer and softball circuit. Not a circuit that compensates. Jeff needed a job. A friend got him the gig with Boeing, where he was [...]

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