May 2009

Making It Count

It’s March. It’s more than three months after the fateful leg break Corey Hill received while fi ghting Dale Hartt in UFC Fight Night 16 in Fayetteville, N.C. He still can’t bring himself to watch the video that’s making the rounds on the Internet. Not that it matters much to Hill. The sixfoot- four, 155 [...]

Spring Fever

Our FIGHT! Girl search promised two winners and far be it from us to keep a good thing waiting. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to miss Erica Kern. After a chilly winter season, this Miami native is just the ray of sunshine we’ve been waiting for. Hey Erica, what’s going on? [...]

Team Alpha Male

As I watch him train today at his successful Ultimate Fitness Gym in downtown Sacramento, however, Urijah is anything but unrestrained. He’s slowly drilling takedowns with a class of twelve other fi ghters from Urijah’s MMA team: Team Alpha Male. They’re doing “structured drilling,” in which they practice their maneuvers at about 25 percent resistance. [...]

The Real Matt Hughes

After ten title fi ghts and two seasons on reality TV you think you know him, but really, you have no idea. Gentleman or jerk, who is…The Real Matt Hughes Matt Hughes is giggling. The greatest UFC champion to date grins as he faces off against another fi ghter on the mat at H.I.T. Squad, [...]

Creating The Calm Before The Storm

As human beings, all of us have had the opportunity to feel the exhilarating effects of an adrenaline rush, or what is commonly called the “fi ght-or-fl ight” response. Although the fi ght-or-fl ight response is “good” in a sense of survival, it can be characterized most notably by its unpleasant symptoms of increased respiration, [...]

MMA Takes On Post Trauma Stress Disorder

“I hate being medicated,” Marine Lieutenant Lee Stuckey says through a thick Alabama accent. “But without it, I can’t sleep right. I get night tremors, sweats, the works.” Stuckey’s situation is not uncommon among veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to a [...]

Mayhem Is Back

Ok, was I really gone? Yes, I was. I was out in television land making a wacky show for MTV that, by the time you’re reading this, you may have already seen. Now that I think of it, maybe this means that you may have bought this magazine due to the fact that you’ve seen [...]

Matt Serra

We all know the story. On April 7, 2007, at UFC 69, Matt Serra shocked the world. After his hard-fought win on Season Four of The Ultimate Fighter, he faced then Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. Serra found himself labeled the underdog—the “Cinderella Man,” as he puts it. “I think it’s great. I love that [...]

Ultimate Undisputed

While most were busy doubling down inside the Mandalay Bay Casino or enjoying legal open containers in the TapouT infested streets, one peculiar vehicle rolled into the Mandalay Bay parking lot in Las Vegas. American video game developer and publisher THQ populated the high-end tech truck with their best and brightest. While they were there [...]

Brotherly Love

Whether it’s a scrap over a video game, the last piece of meatloaf, or the new girl in the neighborhood, there is no set of brothers on Earth who haven’t had a tussle and got their clothes a bit dirty at some point. Thankfully, most of these disagreements end with a truce — the major [...]

UFC 100

From the day I was hired as a reporter in 1993, I had sought ways to differentiate myself from the pack. My goal from day one was to fi gure out ways to be memorable, more memorable than the guy next to me gunning for the same interview. I’ve never sat on a middle-of-the-pack mentality. [...]


Are you taking branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) with your training? If not, you’re neglecting the most anabolic amino acids available. Not only are they the building blocks for muscle, but they have an entire myriad of benefi ts for the MMA fi ghter that surpass any other supplement available. WHAT ARE THEY? The three [...]

New Blood

Akiyo Nishiura Name: “Wicky” Akiyo Nishiura Professional Record: 9-3-1 Notable Wins: Hideki Kadowaki, Jong Man Kim and Fanjin Son Colorful and brash are some of the words that best describe “Wicky” Akiyo Nishiura, who fi rst caught the attention of mixed martial arts fans around the world after becoming the Shooto 2006 Rookie Lightweight Champion. [...]

The History of Sherdog

Sherdog was born at Boeing. Yes, Boeing the aircraft manufacturer. This was in 1997, when Jeff Sherwood was 29, living in Huntington Beach and tearing it up on the Southern California beer and softball circuit. Not a circuit that compensates. Jeff needed a job. A friend got him the gig with Boeing, where he was [...]

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