May 2008 Last Call

Bubba Uncensored

ROUNDEST OF THE ROUND In mixed martial arts, you always hear analysts speak about fi ghters being well rounded. Taking a close look, there are just a few top-level fi ghters that really fi t the well rounded bill. Obviously, number one is Anderson Silva. Without a doubt, he is the best Muay Thai striker [...]

Glazer Weighs In

One thing I’ve come to realize in covering sports for the last decade and a half: fans love dominance. We love dynasties. We love Tiger Woods for it. Used to love Tyson for it. Domination makes us talk, shows us all how to rise up to a higher level in whatever we do. The Yankees [...]

Fight! Girl Search

Jaimie Hilfi ger Age: 21 Height: 5’3” Hometown: New Windsor, NY Favorite Fighter: Urijah Faber Relationship Status: Taken Hey Jaimie, how are things? Anything new going on in your life? Doing well, thanks! I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida last year. Happy to be out of school but I [...]

Fight! Across America

As I arrived in Kansas City, I was greeted by Travis Crall, founder of the Elite Fight League. The trio masterminding the EFL consists of Travis Crall, Bryan Stevenson, and Shawn Ricks. They all bring distinct aspects to their equation for success. In our thirty-minute ride to Independence, we discussed the goals Travis and his [...]

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