March 2013 Fighting Fit

Crazy Training

By Luke Rockhold // Photos by Paul Thatcher Luke Rockhold gets his blood pumping with “Crazy” Bob Cook’s four-station circuit at American Kickboxing Academy. This circuit consists of one minute on the Airdyne bike, then one minute on one of three drills (hitting focus mitts, ground-and-pound body bag, and Russian twists). We go back and [...]

MMA 101 – Master the Kimura

Cesar Gracie pupil Nate Diaz, with the assistance of welterweight Luke Gamaza, shows readers how he counters a single-leg shot with one of his favorite submissions—the reverse ude-garami, which is also known as the kimura. 1) Nate stands in a southpaw stance, while Luke stands in an orthodox stance. 2) Luke shoots a single-leg, with [...]

Supplement Savvy

From capsules and tablets to gels and powders, an athlete’s countertop can look more like a pharmacy than a kitchen. To sort through the insanity, we’ve got a breakdown of the 10 supplements than can help you reach your fitness goals of maintaining optimal health, building muscle, and decreasing inflammation. 1. Protein Powder Protein powders [...]

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