March 2011 MMA Life

Metal With A Twist

Sibling rivalries usually bring the best out of one another. For Armand Jasari, bassist of Christian metal band I The Breather, that virtue holds plenty of truth. The Delaware-based musician was working on his boxing techniques back in 2006 when, one day, his older brother entered the gym. Instead of sparring together, however, he was [...]

The All TUF Team 2005 – 2010

It’s been five years, 12 seasons, 18 champions, and one spoiled batch of sushi since the UFC and the gutsy executives at Spike TV first gave us The Ultimate Fighter—a show where nearly two dozen testosterone fueled, wannabe Ultimate Fighters are thrust into a mansion in the desert of Las Vegas with the hope of [...]

By The Numbers

It’s tempting to think of MMA stats as footnotes to the chaos of combat, but the numbers are more than trivia—they answer questions, predict outcomes, and reveal trends. Despite how imminent defeat seems to be in an MMA fight, victory is never far away. According to MMA statistics and analysis system Fight Metric, Anderson Silva [...]

Uncorking Eddie Wineland

Miguel Torres. Brian Bowles. Dominick Cruz. The names of the WEC’s Bantamweight Champions slide off your tongue. But, before any of those guys had gotten their feet wet in the WEC, Eddie Wineland had punched and kicked his way to the title—something that was apparently forgotten about amidst all of the nostalgia drudged up at [...]

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