March 2011

Ready 2 Rumble – Brittney Palmer

The WEC may have been absorbed by the UFC, but the fighters aren’t the only ones that have made the move to the big stage. Former WEC Ring girl, Brittney Palmer, is re-fueled and ready for prime time MMA.   What’s going on in Brittney Palmer’s world lately?   Coming into the UFC now, my [...]

5 Minutes With Urijah Faber

How are things going for “The California Kid?”   Fantastic. I’m working on a really cool project on the northern, northern coast of Cali about three hours from Sacramento on Highway 1. We’re building our Team Alpha Male retreat. The town has 450 people. Bare necessities. It’s right on the ocean. We’re going to have [...]

Taking Care Of Your Own

The number of soldiers returning from combat with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is higher than it’s been since Vietnam. Suicide, alcoholism, and homelessness are plaguing our troops, but luckily we have people who are stepping up to take care of our own, even in MMA.   Former Army Sergeant and lifelong fighter Todd Vance returned [...]

Boxing’s Biggest Misses

Boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. disdainfully dismissed mixed martial artists as “guys who couldn’t do boxing.” Why would they want to? MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, while boxing seems to be hanging on by the thread of their silk robes. In fact, boxers are the ones who like to push the [...]

Art For Mixed Martial Art’s Sake

Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin punched and kicked each other’s faces to a pulp for 15 minutes in 2005 to create the Bonnar-Griffin Boom—the explosion of mixed martial arts onto the national sporting landscape. MMA fans remember the fight fondly, but one fan in particular, Tom Scully—a long-time friend of Bonnar—needed a more tangible tribute [...]

Fighting The High Life

Some of the best fighters in the world started their careers in spit and sawdust set-ups that lacked even running water. However, a new wave of training facilities has arrived, and they are palatial in comparison to the hole in-the-wall gyms many of us still use. Check out the five most luxurious MMA gyms in [...]

Junior dos Santos: Gypsy Road

Junior dos Santos has destroyed every UFC heavyweight he’s faced—but the division’s top contender has a big one-two combination that he’s looking to deliver…victories over Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez.   Juniordos Santos made his Octagon debut outside of Chicago against Fabricio Werdum at UFC 90. He came into that fight as a 5-to-1 underdog. [...]

MMA’s 33 Best Wrestling Wizards

Viewing their recent success in the cage, it’s a wonder amateur wrestlers were slow to embrace the fight game. Like Darwinian dropouts, the masses of former NCAA Champions and All-Americans watched as other disciplines prospered fighting in Pride and the UFC. The first wave of well-known wrestlers, including Dan Severn and Kevin Randleman, were impressive [...]

New Blood

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. It garners more attention and new fans daily. The emergence of so many new athletes sometimes makes it hard for fans to notice some of the fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. takes you deep inside the sport [...]

To Boldly Go

Back in the day—the “day” being approximately 1994—fighters were clueless in every regard. It wasn’t until everyone got their asses handed to them by a skinny Brazilian named Royce Gracie (being the culturally aware world citizen that I am, I thought he was a Mexican in pajamas) that they realized they had to train in [...]

MMA Gyms: Fighting Allowed

A“What’s up man? What happened bro?” I ask the young amateur fighter, who is obviously bubbling with anger about something so intensely that he can barely string a sentence together.   “Man, he, man, he kneed me in the face, man. I’m training to get better and I go hard too, and this guy, man…” [...]

Becoming A Standup Guy

Everybody loves a standup war. The constantly looming threat of a knockout is what draws people to combat sports. Knockouts sell tickets, and fighters that fight for the KO are always fan favorites. Regardless of your preferred fight game, every fighter must learn to navigate the minefield that is the standup game.   To be [...]

The All TUF Team 2005 – 2010

It’s been five years, 12 seasons, 18 champions, and one spoiled batch of sushi since the UFC and the gutsy executives at Spike TV first gave us The Ultimate Fighter—a show where nearly two dozen testosterone fueled, wannabe Ultimate Fighters are thrust into a mansion in the desert of Las Vegas with the hope of [...]

By The Numbers

It’s tempting to think of MMA stats as footnotes to the chaos of combat, but the numbers are more than trivia—they answer questions, predict outcomes, and reveal trends. Despite how imminent defeat seems to be in an MMA fight, victory is never far away. According to MMA statistics and analysis system Fight Metric, Anderson Silva [...]

Uncorking Eddie Wineland

Miguel Torres. Brian Bowles. Dominick Cruz. The names of the WEC’s Bantamweight Champions slide off your tongue. But, before any of those guys had gotten their feet wet in the WEC, Eddie Wineland had punched and kicked his way to the title—something that was apparently forgotten about amidst all of the nostalgia drudged up at [...]

Metal With A Twist

Sibling rivalries usually bring the best out of one another. For Armand Jasari, bassist of Christian metal band I The Breather, that virtue holds plenty of truth. The Delaware-based musician was working on his boxing techniques back in 2006 when, one day, his older brother entered the gym. Instead of sparring together, however, he was [...]

The Journey Continues

There are many unique aspects of mixed martial arts that separate it from other mainstream sports. Having the opportunity to punch your opponent in the face to earn a victory instead of just scoring more points than your adversary has to be near the top of the list. However, another interesting characteristic that makes MMA [...]

Get In The Zone

There are three mental zones related to high-level performance: fight (agressive), flight (passive), and flow (assertive). The challenge for fighters is to be able to access the flow zone because it leads to optimal performance through confidence. The ability for an athlete to learn to enter the flow and resist nervousness is the next frontier [...]

The Fighter’s Kitchen

As essential as regular grocery runs are to a fighter’s quest for optimal nutrition, they’re kind of a pain. Between trying to go on your lunch break when you’re pressed for time or after an evening workout when you’re starving and exhausted, it’s time and energy out of your already busy day. To make things [...]

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