March 2010 Names in the Game

Monumental Moments In MMA

When John Perretti was making the matches for the inaugural Battlecade Extreme Fighting show on November 18, 1995, he wanted to do something different from their slightly older rival promotion, The Ultimate Fighting Championship. Perretti, along with many others, thought that the UFC was staging “purposeful mismatches” to showcase Royce Gracie and Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu [...]

A Father’s Fight

When Renzo Gracie said, “Everyone is fighting something,” he was referring to the everyday struggles of every human being—how they are mirrored by what we see in the cage, in the battles of our heroes. Professional fighters have always had different and personal reasons that drive them to fight, but whether it’s to feel excitement, [...]

Capoeira Confessions

I have a startling confession to make. I got into MMA because of Jean-Claude Van Damme, not just because of his ballerina kicks and the ability to deliver cheesy one-liners and do the splits, but because of the movie Bloodsport. It’s been so long now that I can barely remember the exact details of the [...]

New Blood

KYLE PIMENTEL RECORD: 7–0 KEY VICTORIES: Olaf Alfonso, Jason Von Flue Kyle Pimentel is another fighter that was on the radar for Bellator Fighting Championships as the promotion loads up for its second season, which will air on a trifecta of television networks in the United States, including NBC, Fox Sports, and Telemundo. On the [...]

Developing Mental Toughness

In the fight game, we use the words “tough” and “heart” interchangeably. But don’t make the mistake of thinking overwhelming physical skill equates toughness. Rings and cages are littered with athletic wonders that did not have the heart to make it big. Physical prowess alone does not make a fighter tough. True toughness and heart [...]

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