March 2010 MMA Life

What’s The Score?

Among MMA’s hottest topics is an aspect of the game that gets attention for all the wrong reasons. Seemingly every event has a decision where either side can debate a winner and not come to a consensus on why. But with any sport that can have an outcome based on objectivity, there are always going [...]

“Making Music, Busting Heads”

Wesley Johnson knows how to tear down the house. The 32-year-old London, England-based music producer—better known as 2Play—is responsible for putting together bangers like Kevin Lyttle’s Turn Me On and Raghav’s So Confused. His reggae-flavored, bass-heavy jams excite both nightclubs and big arenas. He should know. After all, last December he walked to the cage [...]

That’s Music To My Ears

Some people will tell you that the most important part of preparing for a fight is the actual training. They are wrong. Proper preparation has nothing to do with grappling or sparring or doing heavybag work. It’s all about selecting the proper “walk-out” song (notice how I used the term “walk-out” rather than the term [...]

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