March 2010 Features

The Real March Madness

The goal of every amateur wrestler is to qualify for the NCAA Division I tournament. There’s a lot to that goal: wrestling for a Division I team, finding your way into the starting lineup, and qualifying from your conference tournament. Once the tournament begins, the goal turns to becoming a National Champion or All-American. The [...]

On Subtlety and Violence

Sometimes it’s something a fighter doesn’t do as much as what the other guy does do that gets him beat. These omissions can be tiny, almost invisible to an untrained eye. A right hand held an inch too low, a posture a bit too forward in an opponent’s guard, a slip or parry mistimed by [...]

Anarchy in the UK

Standing in front of Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, FIGHT! photographer Paul Thatcher wants to have the Elvis estate photographer take a shot of me, him, and the brown-eyed bloke we dragged to pay homage to the King of Rock and Roll bright and early, well before the public tours begin. On this chilly December morning, [...]

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