March 2010

The Real March Madness

The goal of every amateur wrestler is to qualify for the NCAA Division I tournament. There’s a lot to that goal: wrestling for a Division I team, finding your way into the starting lineup, and qualifying from your conference tournament. Once the tournament begins, the goal turns to becoming a National Champion or All-American. The [...]

“Making Music, Busting Heads”

Wesley Johnson knows how to tear down the house. The 32-year-old London, England-based music producer—better known as 2Play—is responsible for putting together bangers like Kevin Lyttle’s Turn Me On and Raghav’s So Confused. His reggae-flavored, bass-heavy jams excite both nightclubs and big arenas. He should know. After all, last December he walked to the cage [...]

That’s Music To My Ears

Some people will tell you that the most important part of preparing for a fight is the actual training. They are wrong. Proper preparation has nothing to do with grappling or sparring or doing heavybag work. It’s all about selecting the proper “walk-out” song (notice how I used the term “walk-out” rather than the term [...]

What’s The Score?

Among MMA’s hottest topics is an aspect of the game that gets attention for all the wrong reasons. Seemingly every event has a decision where either side can debate a winner and not come to a consensus on why. But with any sport that can have an outcome based on objectivity, there are always going [...]


Jets head coach Rex Ryan, 49ers stud linebacker Patrick Willis, Eagles pass rush phenom Trent Cole, and I walked through the South Florida crowd at the recent Strikeforce event very much looking forward to a perfect escape from our recent rush of football overload. Willis was with me as a true believer in how MMA [...]

5 Minutes With Phil Davis

After capturing an NCAA wrestling title, was it your dream to make it to the UFC? The UFC wasn’t necessarily my dream. My dream was to be the best, but Dana White would probably argue that if I dreamt of being the best then that included the UFC, so in that aspect, yes [laughs]. I [...]

10 Ultimate Answers

FIGHT! took Bas Rutten through a speed round of MMA questioning. Don’t worry, we watched out for the liver shot. 10. How do you sound cool when talking trash? “Listen to Barry White, then talk like him.” 9. What’s the key to making weight? “Eat, relax, have sex, then fight at heavyweight.” 8. Is there [...]

Ask Brian Bowles

WEC Bantamweight Champion Brian Bowles’ unparallel run through the WEC saw The HardCore Gym fighter finish five consecutive fights en route to a title shot. Bowles, who entered the organization at a novice 3–0 record, systemically and emphatically disposed of top-10 135-pounders, including pound-for-pound standout Miguel Torres with a vicious knockout to capture the gold. [...]

The MMA Name Game

Need a little help pronouncing some of those tongue-twisting names on the next fight card? We’ve got ya covered. Take one look at the roster of any MMA organization, and it is easy to see that MMA is a global sport, featuring fighters from all over the world. Whereas the language of fighting can be [...]

Read This

It’s somewhat difficult to wrap your brain around the image of an MMA fighter hitting the gym hard, coming home with black eyes and bruised knuckles, and then settling into the easy chair with a good book. However, the power of the written word is undeniable. It teaches, it motivates, it changes lives. We asked [...]

Dominique Diroff

So Dominique, give us the run down. Tell us a litle about yourself. Well, I’m a full-time model with Ford modeling agency. I moved to Miami Beach over the summer to pursue modeling full-time. I am also finishing my bachelor’s degree in Business Management. If you’re modeling full-time you must take care of yourself, how [...]

Hire Heroes

Brian Stann led a Marine Company that numbered nearly 950 men at one point. Now, he leads only seven, but the rewards are no less satisfying. As the executive director of Hire Heroes USA, Stann’s mission is to provide career placement assistance in the civilian job market for returning servicemen and women when they separate [...]

The Big Dog Barks

When the name “Renzo Gracie” is spoken, it resonates gameness—the innate burn to fight anyone at anytime. That’s why when Renzo’s first black belt, Ricardo Almeida, walked away from mixed martial arts as one of the world’s best middleweights at 24 years old, the fight world was shocked a natural fighter like Almeida could trade [...]

Anarchy in the UK

Standing in front of Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, FIGHT! photographer Paul Thatcher wants to have the Elvis estate photographer take a shot of me, him, and the brown-eyed bloke we dragged to pay homage to the King of Rock and Roll bright and early, well before the public tours begin. On this chilly December morning, [...]

On Subtlety and Violence

Sometimes it’s something a fighter doesn’t do as much as what the other guy does do that gets him beat. These omissions can be tiny, almost invisible to an untrained eye. A right hand held an inch too low, a posture a bit too forward in an opponent’s guard, a slip or parry mistimed by [...]

A Father’s Fight

When Renzo Gracie said, “Everyone is fighting something,” he was referring to the everyday struggles of every human being—how they are mirrored by what we see in the cage, in the battles of our heroes. Professional fighters have always had different and personal reasons that drive them to fight, but whether it’s to feel excitement, [...]

Capoeira Confessions

I have a startling confession to make. I got into MMA because of Jean-Claude Van Damme, not just because of his ballerina kicks and the ability to deliver cheesy one-liners and do the splits, but because of the movie Bloodsport. It’s been so long now that I can barely remember the exact details of the [...]

New Blood

KYLE PIMENTEL RECORD: 7–0 KEY VICTORIES: Olaf Alfonso, Jason Von Flue Kyle Pimentel is another fighter that was on the radar for Bellator Fighting Championships as the promotion loads up for its second season, which will air on a trifecta of television networks in the United States, including NBC, Fox Sports, and Telemundo. On the [...]

Developing Mental Toughness

In the fight game, we use the words “tough” and “heart” interchangeably. But don’t make the mistake of thinking overwhelming physical skill equates toughness. Rings and cages are littered with athletic wonders that did not have the heart to make it big. Physical prowess alone does not make a fighter tough. True toughness and heart [...]

Monumental Moments In MMA

When John Perretti was making the matches for the inaugural Battlecade Extreme Fighting show on November 18, 1995, he wanted to do something different from their slightly older rival promotion, The Ultimate Fighting Championship. Perretti, along with many others, thought that the UFC was staging “purposeful mismatches” to showcase Royce Gracie and Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu [...]

Quintessential Quinoa

A staple of the Incan warrior’s diet, quinoa (pronounced kin-wa) is a solid addition to any fighter’s nutrition regimen. While often mistakenly referred to as a grain, quinoa is actually a seed that’s related to leafy greens. Once known as “the gold of the Incas,” quinoa offered these warriors a powerful fuel that sustained them [...]

The Power of Pumpkin

Consuming ½ cup of canned pure pumpkin (not the pie mix) per day will give your body a team of nutrients, including alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, and pantothenic acid. Pumpkin is also high in fiber, which makes it a particularly filling food. THE CAROTENOID RESUME Carotenoids are the potent antioxidants that [...]

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