March 2009 Features

The Clock Is Ticking

Heavy arms swing backward, thick fi ngers almost brushing the fl oor. The athlete’s hips dip low, holding for a split second before rising explosively, heavy arms reversing course to propel 270 pounds of blood, muscle, and bone three feet into the air. Large feet land and the athlete’s frame compresses, slightly less this time, [...]

New Kid In Class

We’d like to introduce you to Logan Stanton, the newest addition to the UFC’s roster. When we found out we’d be seeing her regularly in the halls we just had to fi nd out more. Homeroom will never be the same. So what’s the background on Logan Stanton? I’m 20. I was born in Illinois. [...]

Getting After It

After a month of diligent training at some of the top camps in the world, FIGHT! editor Donovan Craig steps through the ropes to make his MMA debut against the tough Ty Beeson at Tuff-N-uff in Las Vegas, Nevada. I. A Million Dollar Team, One Dimension, Some Timely Advice “Don’t think about winning the fi [...]

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