March 2008 Features

Waiting For Couture

AN INTRODUCTION OF SORTS He stands ramrod straight and looks at me as if he’s sizing me up through a pane of glass. His stare is piercing yet disinterested and his body language is cold. He speaks to me in a faint voice, as if he’s thinking about a million different things. “We’ll work it [...]

Hendo’s Moment Of Truth

Temecula Valley, with its rolling hills and postcard-perfect vineyards, isn’t where you’d expect to find one of the toughest men on the planet. But this idyllic patch of wine country southeast of Los Angeles just happens to be the place Dan Henderson calls home. It’s just past ten on this chilly, quiet, morning, and inside [...]

2007 FIGHT! Awards

2007 was a monumental year in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Randy Couture’s resignation surprised the entire industry. The UFC acquired the WFA, the WEC, and most importantly, PRIDE. The fi rst MMA event was held at the Playboy Mansion. The WEC landed a television deal with the Versus Channel. SpikeTV re-signed the Ultimate [...]

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