June 2012 Fighting Fit

Lunge Ahead

Build your legs and lungs. Lunges are great lower-body exercises for improving speed and increasing punching power. The exercise is also a staple for many wrestlers who are trying to improve the explosiveness of their penetration step on double-leg takedowns. Unlike many other exercises, the lunge does not require any advanced or expensive equipment. Undefeated [...]

MMA 101

This month, five-time Mundials Champion and four-time ADCC Champion Marcelo Garcia shows us two ways to counter the single-leg shot. This is a two-part technique that can be used when your opponent shoots a single-leg or grabs one during grappling and stands up. The key is to pressure his head and drive your weight forward [...]

Hot Weather Hydration

Whether you take your training outdoors to hit the trails or stay inside to hit the bag, don’t let the summer heat take a toll on your performance—stay hydrated. Proper hydration should always be a priority for fighters, and it’s especially vital to pay close attention to your hydration needs in the summertime. During exercise, [...]

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