June 2011

The Year of the Rousey

The Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion is taking MMA by storm. What is it that makes a star in mixed martial arts? Is it an undefeated record or a 15-fight winning streak? Is it the ability to trash talk like Ric Flair or make headlines on TMZ like Kim Kardashian? The truth is, it’s not any [...]

Feathering Flock

“No matter how high a feather goes up, it must always come down.” —Proverb Can the same be said for the featherweights dueling it out in the UFC’s newest 145-pound weight class? UFC Featherweight Champion José Aldo is floating high right now, but, sooner or later, every feather falls. Who will be the first man [...]

Dominick Cruz: Seeing All The Angles

Dominick Cruz is the king of the UFC’s bantamweight division — and he got there by doing things his way. One minute Dominick Cruz is being accosted by fans for autographs and pictures in the lobby of the Westin Castle Harbour, the next we’re speeding down Toronto’s 404 freeway in a 1991 GMC pickup—three across [...]

Kelli Hutcherson: Surf’s Up!

Motocross, surfing, and MMA all wrapped up in a beautiful blonde? Sign us up please. Laguna Beach is heating up with Strikeforce’s Kelli Hutcherson. Rolling with Metal Mulisha, surfing, MMA…extreme sports girl much? Well, I grew up around motocross, going with my family to the desert and riding. My family did all sorts of fun [...]

MMA Valedictorian

Rick DeJesus is at the head of the class Two years ago, Rick DeJesus—the vocalist of rock band Adelitas Way—was staying cool inside the Tropical Smoothie Café in Las Vegas, Nevada, without a care in the world. His group’s single “Invincible” had just landed on mainstream radio and was being featured on television programs such [...]

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