June 2010 Names in the Game

The Dude Abides

I felt compelled to address manliness in today’s society, or the lack thereof. If you take a hard look around, you’ll notice that testicles have gone the way of the appendix. That’s right, the vast majority of men have essentially become eunuchs. What are the signs? Well, the fact that tattoos and tanning beds have [...]

The Gracie Hunter

There are two main currents that produced the modern sport of mixed martial arts. The first is Gracie Jiu-Jitsu—through Brazil and then the U.S. which is based on teachings learned a century earlier in Japan. The second is catch wrestling,a submission style handed down over the years through icons like Karl Gotch, who brought it [...]

Talking to My Wienna’

Sorry if you’ve missed my articles for a little bit, but I don’t know if you’ve noticed, I’m a very busy man. I was training for a fight, working on Bully Beatdown season three, and creating havoc across eight time zones. As of now, I’m sitting at home, quite calm, with my hotdog dog, Gator, [...]

Climbing The Mountain

Train Like a Madman   Commitment to training includes two major points. First, you must always be a student of the game. A true martial artist always looks to improve all aspects of his fight game. Making improvements between training camps in each discipline (wrestling, BJJ, kickboxing,boxing, etc.) and being willing to put it all [...]

New Blood

BEAU BAKER   RECORD: 8-3KEY VICTORIES: Tommy Speer and Mario Stapel   KYLE BAKER   RECORD: 8-4KEY VICTORIES: Drew Fickett and Chad Reiner   Mixed martial arts’ version of the Fabulous Baker Boys may better be coined the Bruising Baker Brothers.   Beau and younger brother Kyle have taken stellar backgrounds in amateur wrestling and [...]

The Carpenter’s Edge

I have always been competitive in nature, playing three sports throughout high school—football, baseball, and wrestling. I had to prove to my coaches that I made up for my lack of size with raw determination and hard work. I didn’t break 100 lbs. until my freshman year in high school, but I’ve excelled on every [...]

The Best Coaches Around

For many athletes, the list of men who have influenced them is a short one. The majority of us probably have at least one coach on our list. If we were lucky, this person helped us reach our full potential both on and off the field of play. Conversely, a bad experience with a coach [...]

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