June 2010 MMA Life

The Born Scrapper

The question was: “Can a chin be taught?” Mickey Rourke heard it alright, and he says a little something about self-esteem and willpower, about an inner-strength that only some guys possess . . . but pretty soon we are voyaging from the chin to other body parts.   “You know that old rule about not [...]

MMA could become Warped

Vegetarians pass flyers to impressionable teenagers outside the entrance of the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Charlotte, North Carolina, in an attempt to persuade them that eating meat is wrong. Once inside the venue, kids line up to display their killer skills on Guitar Hero. Others head to the skate ramp. A plethora of 15-year-old girls [...]

The Secret Six

During my global travels as host of The History Channel’s Human Weapon, I was able to explore a variety of martial arts. While the show’s focus was primarily the history of these arts, mine was their practicality. Having been involved in some form of traditional martial arts since I was six years old and MMA [...]

Battle Buddies

Whether he was leading Marines or fighting in the WEC or UFC, Brian Stann had the same goal—defeat the enemy. The tactics and weapons of the Marine Corps were, of course, gallactically different than the tools of his new profession, but the end result remained the same: get close, overwhelm the adversary with superior firepower, [...]

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