June 2009 MMA Life

Bacoming A Black Belt

THE BLACK BELT. Deep within many martial arts communities, there oftentimes exists a popular, yet unproven, bit of folklore surrounding the attainment of this rank that is synonymous with fi nality and expertise: Legend has it that all black belts started with white belts, as any other student would. However, upon years of training without [...]

Across The Board

Cubs outfi elder Reed Johnson is no stranger to pain. In fact it was last April 25, 2008, against the Washington Nationals when he dove off of a full sprint, going fully airborne and smashed headfi rst into the leftfi eld wall of Nationals Park, robbing Felipe Lopez of a sure-fi re triple. And like [...]

The Weight Debate

A solid game plan is the key to achieving victory on fi ght night, but what many fans don’t realize is that a great deal of that plan comes into play the day beforehand when combatants step onto the scales at their weigh-ins. For fi ghters it’s a complex battle, but one that’s waged solely [...]

Duff McKagan

In 1994, Duff McKagan was fi ghting for his life when he was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, a condition he developed due to his excessive alcohol consumption during his tenure in Guns ‘N Roses. After spending weeks recovering at Northwest Hospital in Seattle, the bassist returned home desperate to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the [...]

The Legend of Don Frye

“When you’re young, you think it’s going to last forever. But it doesn’t.” Don Frye says, growling the words in his diesel engine voice. “One day it all comes to an end. That’s when you realize you should have appreciated it more while it was happening.” This is the distinct brand of wisdom that comes [...]

A Lunch Every American Should Have

“You should have killed me when you had the chance,” Matt Hughes mutters as he holds up a gunmetal gray shirt and reads it to himself. On the shirt is a soldier with a prosthetic leg and the phrase that is apropos for the situation. Flanked by his friend and coach Marc Fiore and Army [...]

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