June 2009

Spotlight: Bruce Buffer

Champions are typically the ones who get the fame, glory and t-shirt endorsements. But due to his professionalism and likability, it’s the “Voice of the Octagon” Bruce Buffer who is becoming a pop culture icon. Buff, as his friends call him, has become a favorite amongst keyboard warriors and the MMA industry as a whole. [...]

10 of the Most Memorable Chokes In MMA History

When it comes to the reality of fi ghting that is revealed within the arena of MMA, perhaps nothing paints a better picture of such than the strangling, deliberate squeeze of a fi ght-ending choke hold. With just an upward pull of a correctly placed forearm, the constriction by a neck-dwelling biceps, or the tight [...]

Maximum Efficiency Minimum Effort

“Your Jiu-Jitsu is no good here.” If T-shirts with snappy sayings had been fashionable in 1880, Jigoro Kano would have stood at the gate of Eishoji temple proudly brandishing this phrase across his chest. After studying several different styles of Jiu-Jitsu, Kano took the best parts of each, added his own principles of throwing and [...]

Blue Collar Fighter

Nothing soft survives the Bering Sea. A lone commercial fi shing vessel takes the repeated pounding of 30-foot waves off the coast of Alaska that make the 200-foot boat’s steel hull seem like it’s made from plywood. A veritable fl oating fi sh-processing factory, it is the essence of effi ciency with its workers putting [...]

Tales From The Road

My journey began with UFC 93, where I faced Chris Lytle. After an emotional victory, I headed out on vacation to Dublin, Ireland. I went to the airport Sunday morning with many other fi ghters, but not to fl y home. I was actually waiting for my girlfriend, Lara, to arrive from the States. Once [...]

Facing A Legend

If you’re a tennis pro, Roger Federer is the guy you want to play against. If it’s chess, then Garry Kasparov is the ultimate test. If you are an MMA fi ghter at 155 lbs., and you want to fi ght a legend, then BJ Penn is your man. Every sport has its great players, [...]

The Weight Debate

A solid game plan is the key to achieving victory on fi ght night, but what many fans don’t realize is that a great deal of that plan comes into play the day beforehand when combatants step onto the scales at their weigh-ins. For fi ghters it’s a complex battle, but one that’s waged solely [...]

Duff McKagan

In 1994, Duff McKagan was fi ghting for his life when he was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, a condition he developed due to his excessive alcohol consumption during his tenure in Guns ‘N Roses. After spending weeks recovering at Northwest Hospital in Seattle, the bassist returned home desperate to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the [...]

The Legend of Don Frye

“When you’re young, you think it’s going to last forever. But it doesn’t.” Don Frye says, growling the words in his diesel engine voice. “One day it all comes to an end. That’s when you realize you should have appreciated it more while it was happening.” This is the distinct brand of wisdom that comes [...]

A Lunch Every American Should Have

“You should have killed me when you had the chance,” Matt Hughes mutters as he holds up a gunmetal gray shirt and reads it to himself. On the shirt is a soldier with a prosthetic leg and the phrase that is apropos for the situation. Flanked by his friend and coach Marc Fiore and Army [...]

Bacoming A Black Belt

THE BLACK BELT. Deep within many martial arts communities, there oftentimes exists a popular, yet unproven, bit of folklore surrounding the attainment of this rank that is synonymous with fi nality and expertise: Legend has it that all black belts started with white belts, as any other student would. However, upon years of training without [...]

Across The Board

Cubs outfi elder Reed Johnson is no stranger to pain. In fact it was last April 25, 2008, against the Washington Nationals when he dove off of a full sprint, going fully airborne and smashed headfi rst into the leftfi eld wall of Nationals Park, robbing Felipe Lopez of a sure-fi re triple. And like [...]

HDNET Feeds The Fighting Fix For Millions

When billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban launched the high-defi nition channel HDNet in September 2001, mixed martial arts was a sport on life support. With critics calling it “barbaric,” many pay-per-view providers refusing to air events, and sponsors shying away, the future looked bleak. Cuban, however, was quite literally building a channel for the future. At [...]

Last Call With The Iceman

Hundreds upon hundreds of the UFC’s faithful cheered wildly. Others shifted for a simple glance while some, armed with cameras, climbed, pushed and elbowed for position to get a clear shot. The commotion took place during a recent championship match –Anderson Silva’s title defense versus Thales Leites. But the frenzy wasn’t caused by Silva. The [...]

Bulk Up and Throw Down

Whether you’re looking to move up a weight class or just aiming for a more defi ned physique, adding lean body mass requires a strategic training and nutrition schedule. Use the following tips to optimize muscle growth and recovery. Lose unwanted body fat fi rst It is NOT physically possible to add muscle and lose [...]

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